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Herald! Wang got 1st win in opening day!!

因雨延宕的洋基'08開幕戰,終於在今晨(NY是晚上)開打。這將是Yankee Stadium 最後一次開幕賽,今年球季結束後即將走入歷史。是以此役兩隊皆以王牌對陣主投:王建民(Chien-Ming Wang)VS Roy Halladay



Wang 贏球尤其是在如此高張力對抗下,自是難能可貴。在詳細的

記錄卡(score card) 上有一統計名詞十分有意思:

Game Score: Start with 50 points. Add 1 point for each out recorded, (3 points per inning). Add 2 points for each inning completed after the 4th. Add 1 point for each strikeout. Subtract 2 points for each hit allowed. Subtract 4 points for each earned run allowed. Subtract 2 points for each unearned run allowed. Subtract 1 point for each walk.






You might not like his low strikeout total, but as far as consistent winners and low-risk bets go, you can't get much better than Wang. For the record, he actually improved his strikeouts-per-nine rate in 2007, going from 3.14 in 2006 to 4.70 in 07, so perhaps there's a tad more growth potential. Wang is the kind of guy who dominates at home -- he's 26-9 with a 3.04 ERA lifetime at Yankee Stadium -- and can handle all but the strongest offenses on the road. That's a pretty solid overall package, and if you have the added roster flexibility to sit him, say, on the road at Boston, all the better.